Teaching Materials / Undergraduate Ethnography

Ethnographic Practicum Workshop Slides

This post is part of a series on ethnographic teaching materials for undergraduate students both within and beyond anthropology. In this series, we offer various resources on introducing ethnographic methods to your students, supporting your TA-s, suggesting further readings on ethnography, and providing guidance on ethics approval when needed.

First things first: Familiarizing your students with ethnography

If you decide to incorporate an ethnographic practicum component in your undergraduate course, we recommend that you spend one class (or more) during the first few weeks of the semester introducing ethnography to your students. This is especially important if your students are not majoring in anthropology or have never engaged with ethnography before.

The following slides walk students through the major steps in their ethnographic journey. These can serve as an inviting quick guide to ethnography. The slides include a list of ethnographic methods such as interviewing and media analysis, challenges of beginning fieldwork, tips to choosing a field-site and writing field-notes, and reflections on positionality. Feel free to add your own commentary to these slides, and make sure to allow plenty of time for discussion after sharing these slides with your students.

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