CREST Interns 2016

A. Aarthi
A.Aarthi is a fourth year student pursuing a double major in Socio-cultural Anthropology and Diaspora Studies, with a minor in South Asian Studies. She is interested in learning more about South Asian diasporic communities, indentureship, post war Sri Lanka and more broadly about the ideas of memory and the manners in which we ‘speak up’ or ‘speak for’ through ethnography.
Lama El Hanan
Lama is pursuing majors in Anthropology (Society, Culture and Language) and Near and Middle Eastern Studies. She is in her fourth year.
Maggie Morris
Maggie is pursuing a minor in Anthropology (Environmental) and Sociology, and a major in Ethics, Society and Law. She is in her fourth year.
Alice Tsibulsky
Alice graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Sociocultural Anthropology, a minor in Environmental Anthropology, and a minor in Buddhism, Psychology, and Mental Health. She is interested in continuing her studies, focusing on the relationship between social inequality and environmental issues.