CREST Interns 2018


Yasmine Hassen

Yasmine Hassen is in her fourth year at the University of Toronto, with a major in Sociocultural Anthropology and minors in Environmental Anthropology and Diaspora & Transnational studies. She is interested in issues surrounding identity, environmental justice, social inequalities, as well as ethical and equitable community engagement. Her research in Kerala focused on education and women’s experiences, in the context of socio-economic and political structures surrounding caste identity.

Mayadevi Murthy
Mayadevi Murthy is a third-year student studying Equity and Religion, focusing on both subjects generally within a South Asian context. Mayadevi is interested in the ways that religion can exist as a mechanism of oppression and liberation through its presence in politics, culture, and media.
Eilish Sibalis
Eilish Sibalis is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in Environmental Geography and Anthropology. During her time at the University of Toronto she has also studied French and been an executive for the Anthropology Students’ Association.