Teaching Materials / Undergraduate Ethnography

Introducing: Teaching Ethnography to Undergrads

This is the first post of a series on ethnographic teaching materials for undergraduate students both within and beyond anthropology. In this series, we offer various resources on introducing ethnographic methods to your students, supporting your TA-s, suggesting further readings on ethnography, and providing guidance on ethics approval when needed.

What to Expect?

The resources shared in this series are the culmination of the efforts of faculty members and teaching assistants at the University of Toronto. We have tried, tested, and developed everything posted in this series over the course of months (if not years in some cases). By sharing these resources, we invite professors, teaching assistants, and students to engage with ethnography in their different class settings. As we aim to illustrate, ethnography is a craft, method, and practice that professors from different disciplines can easily incorporate in undergraduate courses. Assignments can be as minor as one in-class exercise or as major as a final essay. An ethnographic activity or assignment helps students engage with the world beyond texts, classrooms, and libraries – an engagement that most students have found exhilarating and rewarding.

Here’s a list of what you can expect in this series:

  • Ethnographic practicum workshop slides
  • Ethics templates
  • Tips for TA-s
  • Further readings on ethnography
  • Ethnographic practicum assignment topics
  • Short-er ethnographic practicum assignment topics
  • Sample ethnographic practicum assignment

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