CREST Interns 2019

Annika Olsen:

Annika is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Global Health. After taking part in a science-heavy high school program, she underwent an internship in the Chitwan Medical College in Bharatpur, Nepal, where she was introduced to the complex relationships formed in a hospital room between doctors, nurses, families and patients. These interactions and observations led her to change her aspiration to become a doctor toward anthropologically studying the impact of medical social structures on health care. Her main interest has grown far beyond the boundaries of the hospital room to include knowledge production and distribution, the maintenance of power structures and development with an emphasis on health care at large.

Tabitha Oni:

Tabitha Oni is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, she obtained a major in Anthropology and double minor in Sociology and Buddhism, Psychology & Mental Health. Having had the opportunity to live and work across four continents (Africa, Europe, Asia, North America), she is interested in exploring issues surrounding immigration, global affairs, inequality, development, and human rights. She served as the President of the African Student’s Association and was involved in many other activities on the University of Toronto campus.

Amber (Xinyang) Ye:

Amber is a 3rd-year student specializing in Sociocultural Anthropology with a minor in Contemporary Asian Studies. She is interested in the relational aspect of international development, especially regarding issues around climate justice and sovereignty in post-colonial Asia.