The Ethnography Lab is a University of Toronto Anthropology faculty and student collaboration to promote ethnographic research methods and practice inside and outside the university.

Arranged in interest groups, the Lab explores the craft and impact of ethnography in the contemporary world. The groups are Applied Ethnography, Public Ethnography, the Infrastructures Research Group and the Kensington Market Research Project.

The Lab acts as a resource centre for the university community by providing intellectual and physical space for those exploring ethnography or seeking to deepen its role in their research work. Over time, the Lab will provide knowledge, technical resources and connections to cross-disciplinary ethnographers from the university, the public and private sector, and the community. The Ethnography Lab seeks to develop contacts with interested parties from all backgrounds and institutional contexts.

In the context of the Kensington Market Research Project, the Ethnography Lab also has a special focus on promoting the teaching of practical fieldwork at the undergraduate level. Taught over the long-term, the project will result in a significant collection of primary ethnographic field data which will be maintained by the Ethnography Lab and may be accessed upon request.

The Lab offers a regular speaker series and maintains this collaborative blog.

The Ethnography Lab can also be found online at: