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Visual Ethnography Meeting Dec 6th

Project Feedback Session December 6th, 5-8pm Ethnography Lab Seminar Room 330 The Ethnography Lab Visual Ethnography group is inviting you to an informal project feedback session. This is an opportunity to present and discuss visual ethnography projects in any stage of completion. A range of visual media is encouraged, including photography, film and video, digital … Continue reading

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Visual Ethnography Event Schedule (Fall 2016)

The Ethnography Lab’s visual ethnography group aims to offer hands-on experience in visual research documentation and to promote a thorough understanding of the conceptual, ethical, and stylistic issues involved in this continually evolving methodology. We focus primarily on audio-visual methods, but photography, new media, and other visual input is welcomed. This fall (2016) we will … Continue reading

Imaging Kensington
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Imaging Kensington

Imaging Kensington is a series of informal meet-ups of members of the Ethnography Lab who explore Kensington Market in more depth through personal photography and focused discussions on multidisciplinary themes. This past month we have been using the concepts of palimpsest, facade and bricolage to seek new insights into ways that the past plays out in the present in the social, cultural and spatial … Continue reading