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Entertaining the Graphic in the Ethnographic Workshop series: Photoshop Skills

The Entertaining the Graphic in the Ethnographic Working Group is hosting an introduction to Photoshop skills workshop series in two parts. Week 1: Fundamentals of Layering & Week 2: Basic Photoshop skills

Dates: Week 1: Tuesday 29th of March, 2022

           Week 2: Tuesday 26th of April, 2022

Week 1 & 2 are a continuum; it is essential to attend both workshops to gain photoshop skills.

Week 1

The first part of the workshop is in week 1, where we learn about layers and layering objects, thoughts, and ideas. Week 1 is mainly tactile exercises that include working with layers and design fundamentals. For week 1, you only need papers, pens, and scissors /cutters. Understanding the concept of layering is essential for understanding how many design programs function, especially Photoshop.

On Layers: Onions, napkins, papers, books, essays, articles, tactile things have elements of layering, and so are ideas. In this workshop, we will understand the conceptual framework in which layering works on visuals through tactile layering exercises. We move then to applying those layering skills to ideas, thoughts, graphics, and writing. This workshop aims to expand our ideas of our surroundings and atmosphere. To switch our views to a lens of un-layering to understand our surroundings re-create similar or different layers of things.

Week 2: Introduction to Photoshop

In the second workshop, we lean on the concepts of layers to understand the basic functions of photoshop in an introductory photoshop skills workshop.

To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/basic-photoshop-skills-workshop-series-week-1-tickets-300993829647

For more information, contact Maya El Helou: maya.elhelou@mail.utoronto.ca

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