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Visual Ethnography Event Schedule (Fall 2016)

The Ethnography Lab’s visual ethnography group aims to offer hands-on experience in visual research documentation and to promote a thorough understanding of the conceptual, ethical, and stylistic issues involved in this continually evolving methodology. We focus primarily on audio-visual methods, but photography, new media, and other visual input is welcomed. This fall (2016) we will hold 4 monthly events including a round-table and workshops on video recording, audio recording, and editing. We welcome the involvement of students, filmmakers, and anyone interested in visual ethnography.

Contact the Visual Ethnography Group coordinator, Bronwyn Frey for more information on how to get involved (

 The Ethnography Lab Seminar Room is located in room 330 in the University of Toronto Anthropology Building at 19 Russell Street, Toronto

Introductory Roundtable on Visual Ethnography

September 27th, 5-7pm
Ethnography Lab Seminar Room 330

What is visual ethnography? What distinguishes visual from text-based methods? Why is ethnographic film the most visible element of this field? Photography, film and video, market research, and digital imaging are just some of the many practices in this evolving discipline. Ethical, practical, and theoretical considerations bring additional complexity to the field. Our introductory roundtable is where you can connect with other visual ethnographers and interested parties to share your knowledge, experiences, theories, and questions, or simply learn more about visual ethnography.

Workshop: Audio-Visual Documentation for Fieldwork

Thursday, October 6 & Thursday, October 13
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Location TBD

Registration required

This practical, hands-on class is ideal for anyone wanting to create an audio-visual presentation as part of their course work or as a personal project. Students will learn simple tips for gathering better pictures and sound, how to conduct effective interviews, and how to identify additional media (B-roll) with the editing process in mind. There will be a hands-on component each day, and students will be invited to complete take-home assignments after each session and share them with the class. The assignments will consist of taking a series of photos and video applying the techniques discussed in class. Contact for more information on how to sign up.

The workshop will be led by Rick Palidwor. Rick has had numerous short films and videos broadcast in Canada and abroad and he is the producer and co-director of the award-winning feature Sleep Always. Rick has taught filmmaking at Hart House, York University, George Brown College and Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) for many years. Rick currently administers the Creative Classes at Hart House.

Spaces: 8
Cost: $60

Workshop: Video Editing

November 15, 6-10 pm
Ethnography Lab Seminar Room 330

Registration required

Video editing is a time-intensive and necessary element of creating compelling and polished video projects. This workshop teaches the basics of the Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. Students will learn how to organize their media, create clips, use the timeline and cutting tools, edit audio, create video transitions and titles, and export the final cut. Students should bring their own laptops with Premiere Pro installed; a free one-week trial can be downloaded here:

The workshop will be led by Bronwyn Frey. Bronwyn completed a short ethnographic film, Documenting DeRegulars, for her MA in Festive Arts in 2015. She is currently working with members of the Ethnography Lab on a video project on urban change in Kensington Market.

Contact for more information on how to sign up.

Spaces: 10

Project Feedback Session

December 6th, 5-8pm
Ethnography Lab Seminar Room 330

This is an opportunity to present and discuss visual ethnography projects in any stage of completion. A range of visual media is encouraged, including photography, film and video, digital imaging, drawings, participant-generated images, etc. You can bring your nascent ideas, field material, short polished pieces or excerpts. Students, researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts are invited to our final event of the semester, and you are welcome to attend whether or not you have something to present. Those who would like to share their projects should contact the to ensure proper time allocation.

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