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Methods Café: “Gamestorming” w/Carsten Knoch


with Carsten Knoch

Date/Time: January 31, 2022, 12 -1 pm ET

Place: Zoom

“Gamestorming” is a set of collaborative techniques — loosely structured like games — popular in private sector and nonprofit organizations. Gamestorming is used in group contexts to capture and process information, generate insights, solve problems and establish (or manufacture?) consensus. Usually, gamestorming activities take place during in-person meetings using white boards and sticky notes. During the pandemic, practitioners have increasingly adopted virtual whiteboards and other online tools to facilitate gamestorming. Gamestorming has come to be seen as a core tool in the “UX research” (user experience research) toolbox.

Carsten Knoch has used adapted gamestorming techniques to conduct group analysis sessions about ethnographic and interview data. While this may, at first glance, be an “off-label” use, sessions have generally been interesting, productive and made participants feel included in research work. In this Methods Café, Knoch will provide background, give examples (including “gamestorming game design”) and discuss how one might use the approach for a kind of “rapid, provisional” data analysis with friends or willing strangers. A short reading list will be included.

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**A Zoom link will be provided to registerees on the day of the event.

**This event will be recorded.

**This event is part of the Ethnography Lab’s “Methods Café” series. Check out our website— —for information on upcoming Cafés, or follow us on social media at @ethnographylab.

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