Entertaining the Graphic in the Ethnographic

Introducing the Entertaining the Graphic in the Ethnographic group

Image of a black and white abstract drawing

The idea of this entertaining the graphic in the ethnographic series is an experimental attempt at capturing the process in which knowledge production is created when it intersects with the corporal embodiment of stories and telling them with forms and shapes. How can the ethnographic transform (or not) in an affective moment of stories meeting objects beyond the usual writing process?

This workshop series is a space for experimentation where interested attendees are provided with a space to play with their ideas, stories, ethnographic notes, memoirs, and feelings beyond the written form. As writing is a process of imagining as well, the workshop series plans to expand the domain of imagination and creativity to assist in opening an otherwise to how we write, and how we think. This is an experimental workshop that is shaped by and in collaboration with every person that attends it. There are no limits to the mediums used in order to express oneself and accommodate all forms of accessibility.

All workshops will take place online in the comfort of one’s own space, and anybody can attend (registration is a must — for details, please contact ethnography.lab@utoronto.ca).

Workshop convener: Maya El Halou

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