Ethnographic Writing Workshop

Introducing the Ethnographic Writing Workshop

This workshop aims to foster a space for experimentation, play, and critique as participants explore writing about others and other worlds through the gateway of the participant’s embodied experience. Working in the wake of feminist, decolonial, disability, POC, Black, and queer critiques of positivist knowledge production, participants will engage in writing exercises designed to deepen their capacity for introspection, insight, and empathy.

Although we may draw inspiration from a short selection of reading materials, the primary focus of this workshop will be to workshop our collective and individual writing. 

This is a low-stakes, participant-driven workshop that is open to all levels of anthropology students and faculty of any subdiscipline, the wider Ethnography lab community, and others who are curious about or make use of ethnographic writing techniques in their work, such as journalists, writers, artists, interdisciplinary scholars, etc.

Over roughly eight bi-weekly meetings, we will explore topics such as: ethnographic voice, the ethics of writing about others, authorial positionality, objectivity/subjectivity, description, poetics, among others. 

A final list of topics, meeting times and dates will be established at the first meeting. All meetings will take place on Zoom. 

Please come to the first meeting on Jan 17, 2-3:30pm ET.

Email Wes Brunson for questions and the Zoom link –

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