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Visualizing the Ethnographic: a practical workshop

The Connaught Global Challenge Initiative, Entangled Worlds: Sovereignty, Sanctities and Soils, in collaboration with Visual Ethnography Group of the Ethnography Lab will be hosting a practical workshop on visual ethnography with Dr. Roger Canals Vilageliu, University of Barcelona. Dr. Canals Vilageliu is a visual anthropologist who has done ethnographic film and photography projects on the religious cult of Maria Lionza in Venezuela.

The workshop will take place Friday the 29th March 2019. Workshop will start at 4:00pm sharp, until 7:00pm.  

Dr. Canals Vilageliu will host a two-part workshop in the Ethnography Lab. In the first part, Prof. Vilageliu will respond to pre-submitted practical questions that participating graduate students have on visual ethnography – these questions may be theoretical, methodological, practical or even ethical in nature. In the second part. Prof. Vilageliu will provide a practical, hands-on workshop that addresses these questions, while instructing students through their cellphones or cameras, how to “do” visual ethnography.

Participants interested in specific questions regarding visual ethnography should pre-prepare practical questions and email to the by Monday the 25th of March. 

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