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Podcast Launch for “Kensington Market: Toronto in Transition”

The Kensington Market Research Project (KMRP) aims to produce rich and detailed knowledge about Toronto’s most celebrated multicultural heritage district. In this event, we will showcase its latest productions: ethnographic podcasts made by undergraduate ethnographers. As downtown Toronto faces the encroachment of big corporate retailers, the impending conversion of public housing into private condominiums, and the expansion of Toronto Western Hospital, these podcasts aim to document through sound the ongoing changes to the market. 

Student podcasters will present six episodes, each of which explore a topical cultural theme through the lens of Kensington Market. In addition to sharing their work, the event will explore the problems and possibilities of collaborative research, sound ethnography, and podcasting as an ethnographic medium.

Join us on:
Monday, April 8th, 3-6PM

Anthropology Building Room AP246, 19 Russell Street, Toronto (Note the change of location)

This event is open to all. Light Refreshments will be served.

Contact for more details.

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