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The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: Shoshana Zuboff

Please join us for a discussion of Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Zuboff (Harvard Business School) makes a number of discussion-worthy arguments, notably that the data collection and processing regimes as pioneered by Google and Facebook generate value through “behavioural surplus,” and that this kind of surveillance is an aberration of capitalism. Drawing on Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Arendt, Adorno, Polanyi, Sartre, and Stanley Milgram among others, the book is nonetheless a fairly easy read and has generated media attention (see reviews from The Guardian and The Intercept

Monday, March 25, 2019
Ethnography Lab Seminar Room (Rm. 330, Anthropology Building, 19 Russell Street, Toronto)

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