CREST Voices / Kerala 2015

Witnessing the Change


By Rithik Sidharth

I was born and bought up in a small village in Kerala. After completing my matriculation it was my decision to choose science as my higher secondary stream in order to get a good career, because I came from a family that lacked a strong financial base. After the successful completion of my higher secondary, I chose to pursue Engineering and got selected in a reputable engineering college. The college life was a really nice experience for me – I got to interact with lot of technology, attend cultural events,  and take part in several competitions. At that time, I set my career goal to become a CEO of an MNC, but somewhere I lost my self-motivation. Maybe because I grew up and I became more aware of the hard oppositions within the competitive world. I was not sure if I could cope with these hardships. This troubled me at the time of my graduation. Then I heard about CREST and I decided to give a try. I have to say that it is a package of “life tools“ for a professional career – tools that will assist me lifelong. Actually the 5 months didn’t seem like attending a course – it was full of experiences that words could not describe. After CREST, I am now a part of a US owned MNC, my first step…and it’s all thanks to CREST!



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