CREST Voices / Kerala 2015

My CREST Experience



By Sreeraj Elamana

I come from Pantheerankave, a small village in Kerala. My journey started at a primary school in Calicut which, despite a basic setup, stoked a passion for engineering in me. I pursued a B.Tech in Mechanical engineering from a reputed engineering college.

It was after my graduation that I came to know about CREST and the 5 month Post Graduate Certificate Course for Professional Development (PGCCPD) program it offers for graduates. I was lucky enough to become one of the forty students, out of thousands of applicants, who was admitted for the course. I can never forget the adrenaline rush I got when I joined CREST. Life at CREST is remarkably delightful. It has well experienced and exceptional faculties, courses and recreational facilities on the campus. In the classroom, one will learn how to multitask, schedule and manage time to complete all the course assignments, presentations, role plays, debates and reports. Overall, one will learn how to be independent and yet be a team player. The best part of CREST is its pool of students from various educational backgrounds, ranging from literature to Engineering.

CREST really helped me to dream bigger and focus on what interested me the most. The icing on the cake was definitely the international exposure from interns from different parts of the world. The networking opportunities provided by the faculty and interns in the form of workshops, social events and study tours are a goldmine.

I have learned a lot during my studies at CREST, not just academically but also personally. I have learned that nothing can substitute hard work; if one has the talent and the passion to pursue what one wants, the path forward will always be revealed. As a result, I have become more confident, earned in-depth knowledge, honed my craft and gained valuable exposure professionally.

Thank you CREST for bringing the beauty in my life.


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