Ethnographies from the Global South

In an effort to decentralize our academic knowledge and discussion on urban spaces, the Urban Ethnography Group has launched its Ethnographies from the Global South discussion group, dedicated to the study and analysis of ethnographic research produced on the Global South and by academics from the Global South. The initiative has two main goals: 1) to learn and discuss the work of scholars doing ethnographies on the Global South, and 2) to host students and professors who have done research or are currently researching the Global South and want to present their work.

The group will take place once a month at the Ethnography Lab (19 Russell St., Room 330, Toronto, ON). People are welcome to come, listen, and discuss, present a reading they are interested in, or talk about their research. The reading list is created collectively by participants. The idea of this group is to create a community where students, professors and other people interested in ethnography and the Global South can feel comfortable sharing ideas and learning from each other.

If interested, please register HERE so we can provide you with the readings and information on our group. Alternatively, you may send an email to and request to join the group.