Urban Ethnography

The Urban Ethnography Lab is an initiative proposed by graduate students from the University of Toronto’s Ethnography Lab and Humboldt University’s Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies and the Department of Social- and Cultural Geography from Humboldt-University of Berlin.

The objectives are threefold:

  • Enhance ethnographic research methods at the intersection of anthropology and geography with a focus on writing fieldnotes, go-alongs and mappings;
  • Create opportunities for comparative urban research;
  • Promote the creation of a research network by facilitating the exchange of students and researchers between Toronto and Berlin.

We are planing a workshop on methods in “Urban Ethnography” in August 2017. For further  information see our project website: https://urban-ethnography.com/

For questions don’t hesitate to get in contact: urbanethnographylab@gmail.com.