Public Anthropology Collective

Dr. Andrea Muehlebach, Convener
Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto.Andrea Muehlebach is the faculty convener of the public anthropology collective. Her interests lie in bringing together alumni and graduate students for conversations over how, under what conditions, and to what effect anthropological knowledge circulates across academic and non-academic fields. What are the politics, ethics, and pragmatics of anthropological knowledge production, communication, and circulation?

Lesley headshot
Dr. Lesley Gotlib, Member
Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Toronto.Lesley Gotlib Conn is an affiliated scientist at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. She has 10 years of experience in conducting ethnographic research at the Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Trauma, Emergency & Critical Care Research Program at Sunnybrook.

DSC_0158 (2)
Sarah O’Sullivan, Member
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto.Sarah O’Sullivan is a PhD student interested in medical anthropology. She has been conducting research in northern Uganda since 2011, where she has worked with numerous international and local HIV/AIDS organizations on post-conflict development initiatives. Sarah’s interests lie in understanding how anthropological knowledge can work with and inform the development sector.

Erika Finestone, Member
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto.Erika Finestone’s research interests center on forms of Indigenous guardianship in Canada. She sees the Public Anthropology Collective as an opportunity to brainstorm, engage with, and promote new opportunities for anthropologists as they enter into more public arenas, and to attempt to bridge perceived disciplinary and occupational divides to form new partnerships.

Celeste pic.
Celeste Pang, Member
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto.Celeste’s M.A. and PhD work focuses on the formal and informal economies surrounding later and end-of-life care for older queer persons in Canada. She is interested in how ethnographic research and writing can effectively draw from and helpfully inform broader public discussion and engagement.

Sarah Williams, Member
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto.Sarah Williams has several years of experience in disaster relief and recovery. She is very interested in the promotion of the value of anthropology in government and humanitarian sectors, and in the broadening of anthropological pathways of social and public engagement.

Jessica Davidson, Member
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto.Between completing an undergraduate degree (BA, University of Western Ontario), and returning to pursue graduate studies (MA, University of Toronto), Jess spent 10 years in a variety of communications consulting roles. She is interested in how ethnography can better inform corporate and industrial practices, and in how it can be applied ethically outside the academe.

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