Disability Anthropology Working Group

The Disability Anthropology Working Group brings together graduate students, faculty, and other interested scholars whose research relates to the theme of disability in order to build a scholarly community and engage a wider academic public in disability theory and practice. Partnering with the Ethnography Lab, the working group facilitates the creation of a space to critically engage with ethnographic methods and ask how disability challenges many core tenets of anthropological inquiry.

Please contact gyuzel.kamalova@mail.utoronto.ca or vanessa.maloney@mail.utoronto.ca for enquiries about ongoing events & activities or to be added to our working group mailing list.

Our monthly reading group is open to all. Each month we chose an ethnography related to disability to discuss over coffee and snacks. Please feel free to join, even if your work is only peripherally related or if you are not able to read the whole book.

Accessibility Information:

We are committed to meeting the accessibility needs of all working group members and welcome requests for accommodation on an ongoing basis. Each of the proposed books are available as hard copies and e-books through the University of Toronto Library. The Ethnography Lab is located on the 3rd floor of the Anthropology building, at 19 Russell Street, which is accessible via ramp, automatic doors and elevator. Beside the lab there are two all gender bathrooms and one that is wheelchair accessible. For accessibility requests and accommodations please contact hannah.quinn@mail.utoronto.ca or vanessa.maloney@mail.utoronto.ca .