Teaching Materials / Undergraduate Ethnography

A List of Further Readings on Ethnography

This post is part of a series on ethnographic teaching materials for undergraduate students both within and beyond anthropology. In this series, we offer various resources on introducing ethnographic methods to your students, supporting your TA-s, suggesting further readings on ethnography, and providing guidance on ethics approval when needed.

There’s Always Room for More

In preparing your course syllabus and designing your ethnographic assignment-s, it is be a good idea to provide a list of further suggested readings on ethnographic methods and techniques. This document also nicely complements the introductory workshop that you will share with your students in the beginning of the semester. Most of the texts we recommend here are introductory and accessible to undergraduate students from different majors. This list will help students find answers to some questions on interviewing or writing field-notes, while also serve as a resource that they can consult throughout the semester or beyond.

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