Events / Multispecies Ethnography Group

Multispecies Speaker Series: Vernacularizing Nature with Kajri Jain, April 29th and May 2

We would like to invite you for our next event in the Multispecies Ethnography Series—a discussion titled “Vernacularizing Nature: Plasticities of the ‘Eco’ in India’s Public Parks” with Prof. Kajri Jain (Art History/ Visual Studies, University of Toronto) on May 2nd at 3 pm EST. This discussion follows Prof. Jain’s talk with the same title on April 29th at 2 pm EST (please see attached poster for registration details).

We urge you to attend the talk on April 29th if possible as our event on May 2nd will be designed more as an interactive and discussion-based session that follows the talk. We hope this will be a good opportunity for us to have an engaged discussion with Prof. Jain on her upcoming work.

Hope to see you there!

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