CFP Faith in Immunity – Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore

The workshop, Faith in Immunity: Religion, Covid-19 Vaccines and Structures of Trust is a workshop about Covid vaccines, ritual communities and how cosmologies and narratives beyond biomedicine shape human ideas on protection, prevention, and trust.

This workshop interrogates notions of immunity, focusing on the ways in which it is also culturally constructed and socially shaped through processes and practices that involve the intertwined spheres of cosmology, medicine, ritual and health. Through the concepts of “faith in immunity” and “structures of trust,” this workshop will explore the different conceptualisations of personal and collective responsibility towards COVID-19 resistance tracing the forms of epistemological authority that come from collective religious, non-religious, and spiritual traditions in Asia and globally. Organised by Emily Hertzman, Erica Larson, Ashawari Chaudhuri and Carola Lorea. Submission details are found at the link above and the documents attached to this email.

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