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COVID-19 and Organizational Ethnography

**Please join the Ethnography Lab for “COVID 19 and Organizational Ethnography” on Nov. 30 from 2-4 pm. Event Description and Registration info below.

In a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the decisions of governments, institutions, and corporations influence dozens, thousands, and sometimes millions of lives. Understanding how such organizations respond to crises and why they choose particular strategies over others is therefore of critical importance. Ethnography can be an important tool in such understandings because it is well-suited to untangling and tracing on-the-ground power relations. In this informal panel, Julian Posada and Bronwyn Frey discuss how the lives of their interlocutors–Latin American data workers and Berlin food couriers, respectively–have unfolded over the course of the pandemic. They discuss to what extent the decisions of elites can be understood and accessed, how people within and under these organizations experienced these responses, and what leverage they have in influencing organizational responses to the pandemic.

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