“Doing Ethnography Now” at AAA “Raising our Voices”

“Doing Ethnography Now”
A virtual Roundtable at the American Anthropology Association virtual meetings Raising Our Voices 2020 

Saturday, November 14th from 5:00 – 6:00 PM EST

Join our live-streamed roundtable event, hosted by Andrew Gilbert and Hannah Quinn with Alissa Jordan, George Marcus, Mike Fortun, Kregg Hetherington, Cassandra Hartblay, and Farzaneh Hemmasi

This roundtable brings together members of the Center for Experimental Ethnography at University of Pennsylvania, the Ethnography Lab at the University of Toronto, the Center for Ethnography at UC Irvine, and the Ethnography Lab at Concordia University to reflect on the challenges and possibilities of doing ethnography under the shifting, uncertain and unstable conditions for research that we encounter now. Labs and centers often occupy an interstitial place in the academic ecosystem, sites for collaboration, experimentation, and practice outside of departmental programs, relations of supervision, and the university itself.

They are often able to cultivate new audiences and research relationships beyond the academy, and for a discipline that continues to foreground research that is done “abroad,” labs and centers can offer models of the important ethnographic work there is to be done “at home.”  Just over half of the session will be dedicated to representatives showcasing a project from their center/lab that offers insights for ethnography in the present moment, and the remaining time will be dedicated to interactive discussions with our virtual audience.  

AAA student members and under/unemployed members can register for 10$ USD. Non-member students can register for 50$ USD or buy a single-day live-stream spectator pass for 15$ USD. 
All pricing and registration information can be found here.

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