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Ethnography in/of the Pandemic Follow-Up Sessions

The response to our first roundtable, Ethnography in/of the Pandemic, exceeded our expectations both in the number of those interested and participating and the richness of the discussion.  We have decided to hold three follow-up sessions, each focused on a cluster of questions and themes raised in our initial session.  Please note that the organizers are not providing answers to questions, rather, these are collaborative sessions aimed at gathering ideas, resources, techniques, etc. If you are interested in participating and did not attend the first session held on May 1, please email to register and to get a list of questions we will be discussing. Please specify which session you are interested in joining in order to get access to the zoom link. (Note: These sessions, while organized by the Ethnography Lab at the University of Toronto, should not be seen as communicating official policy or departmental recommendations on how to proceed with research projects or graduate programs.)

Session 1: Ethics and Engagement,Tuesday, May 12 at 1pm (EST)
Session 2: Research Projects and Writing, Friday, May 15 at 1pm (EST)
Session 3: Methods and Tools, Friday, May 22 at 1pm (EST)

We hope to see you there!
Warm wishes,
The Ethnography Lab Team 

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