Winter 2020 Events

The Ethnography Lab hosts a regular speaker series, workshop series, and methods safé during the academic year (September-April). These events take place in the University of Toronto anthropology building, room AP330 at 19 Russell Street, Toronto.

In addition, our various interest groups (see the “Groups” drop-down menu in the main menu) frequently plan and organize a variety of events, workshops, and talks about the many facets of ethnographic research and engagement. Please contact the group’s convener or the Ethnography Lab coordinator if you would like more information about an event.

Most of our events are free and open to the public.

January 17 Speaker Series: Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston (York U), “An Elephant in the Room. Tracking an Awkward Anthropology” 4:30-6PM

January 31, Workshop Series: Andrew Gilbert (U Toronto) on Beyond the Text. 1-3PM

February 7, Workshop Series: Maya El Helou on Collage (U Toronto) 1-3PM

February 12, Methods Café: Farzaneh Hemmasi/Nil Basdurak (U Toronto), “The Ethnographic Ear: Working With/In Sound” 12 Noon, AP 330

February 27, Speaker Series: Jim Drobnick (OCAD) 4:00-5:30PM, AP 330, “Scent City: Urban Olfactory Activism”

March 11, Methods Café: Janice Boddy (U Toronto) on Census Surveys; 12noon, AP 330

March 13, Workshop Series: Janelle Taylor (U Toronto) on software programs and ethnographic research. 3PM, AP 330

March 27, Speaker Series: Sherine Hamdy (UC Irvine) with Anne Brackenbury, AP 330

April 10, Speaker Series: Hilary Cunningham (U Toronto), “Writing across the species-barrier: Working our way into thriving “edge effects”; 2-4pm Combination Room, Trinity College

April 24, Workshop Series: Hallie Wells (Fresh Squeezed Ideas), “The Resonance of Seen Things: A Writing Workshop for Anthropologists (with a nod to Susan Lepselter)” 4-6pm, AP 330.

April Methods Café: Joshua Barker (U Toronto) on newspapers, AP 330

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