Speculative Anthropology Reading Group

Speculative Anthropology Reading Group – Meetings and Reading List

Speculative Anthropology Reading Group
We will be meeting every other Tuesday from 6-8pm, starting Jan.
Jan. 21: Intro to Speculative Anthropology

Feb. 4: Fiction & Speculative Anthropology

  • Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction”
  • Nalo Hopkinson’s “Soul Case” (short story from the collection Falling in Love with Hominids)
  • Susan Lepselter’s “You Can’t Repair History” (Chapter Four of The Resonance of Unseen Things)

Feb. 24 (skipping a week because of reading week): The Art of Speculation

March 3: Communal Speculations

  • Kim TallBear’s “Beyond the Life/Not Life Binary: A Feminist-Indigenous Reading of Cryopreservation,
    Interspecies Thinking and the New Materialisms.” In Joanna Radin and Emma Kowal, eds., Cryopolitics (2017)
  • TBD

March 17: Speculative Designs

  • Blog entry by Anne Halloway “Towards Fantastic Ethnography and Speculative Design”
  • “Our Present as the Past’s Fictitious Future” by Sally Applin in SCA
  • TBD

March 31: Self Speculations

  • Forum Qualitative Social Research “Autoethnography – A Review”
  • *The Holistic Psychologist – Future Self-Journaling Guide

April 14, April 28, & May 12: Readings open to group suggestions; plan final presentation

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