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Visual Ethnography 2020 Meeting Schedule

February 13, 5-7 PM: This meeting will be a discussion of the affordances of sequential art for ethnography.  We will develop an analytic language through a reading of selections from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud and Unflattening by Nick Sousanis.  For more information, including about how to get copies of the readings, contact the group conveners: Maya El Helou at maya.elhelou@mail.utoronto.ca or Andrew Gilbert at andrew.gilbert@utorono.ca

March 12, 4-6 PM: Part discussion, part workshop, this meeting will focus on the relationship between ordinary objects, affect and visual storytelling.  More information to follow.

April 16, 4-6 PM: Discussion of the potential of ethnographic film in spaces usually inaccessible to research and visual representation.



Maya El Helou 
Maya is the 2019-2020 convener of the visual ethnography subgroup with the theme “Putting the Graphic in the Ethnographic.” Maya is currently a second-year PhD student in socio-cultural anthropology and the collaborative program in Gender and Women Studies. Her main academic interest is social movements. Maya is also an illustrator and comic artist. She is very interested in creative mediums that facilitate the process of writing and knowledge production.


Dr. Andrew Gilbert
Dr. Andrew Gilbert, Senior Researcher
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto

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