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Politics and the University: An Ethnographic Inquiry

A conference brought to you by the Ethnography Lab, practicum students (ANT473 and ANT 6200), and Prof Tania Li.

The conference program is available here.

Date: Thursday December 6

Time: 1:00PM-5:00PM

Location: University of Toronto Anthropology Department, 19 Russell Street Toronto, Room AP 246

Is our university a hot bed of political activism, or is it a place of conformity, where structures of power are unchallenged?  What are the conditions under which a critical sensibility – a gut feeling that something is not right with the world –  morphs into collective action to bring about change?

To find out, ten graduate and undergraduate students carried out original ethnographic research at the University of Toronto, in sites including food coops, the student union, colleges, sororities, clubs, campaign meetings, street protests and counter-protests, websites and archives.

Come hear what they found and be inspired with the fun and challenge of conducting original ethnographic work right here on campus.  Stay for the whole afternoon, or just drop in for an hour –  everyone is welcome.

Conference_Ethno of the Univ_Dec 2018


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