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Workshop: (Re)Thinking Diversity & Comparison – May 4th, 10am-4pm

Our colleagues at the University of Toronto have organized a workshop on May 4th (10AM-4PM, AP246) as a part of the Osaka University summer exchange program that happens annually at the anthropology department and is run by Prof. Shiho Satsuka, along with Profs. Bonnie McElhinny and Girish Daswani.

The workshop theme is about multiplying our understandings of diversity, especially by putting in conversation Japanese conceptions of kyosei (coexistence) with forms of (Canadian) multiculturalism, and thinking critically about how we make comparisons.

A number of people from the department will give talks about their research, as well as presentations by the visiting graduate students from Osaka University. Please see the program below, and come join the conversation on May 4th! Everyone is welcome!


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