Ethnography of the University / Ethnography of the University: Focus on Work 2016 / Undergraduate Ethnography

Student Bios (Ethnography of the University 2016: Focus on Work)


Maggie Morris
Maggie is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Anthropology, Sociology and Ethics, Society & Law. She is currently a peer mentor for the ‘STEP Anthropology Program.’ She has done research in Kerala, India through the Ethnography Lab with Dalit and Adivasi caste groups on the nature of social inequality and exclusion.


Neemo Isse
She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto where she majored in Equity Studies and minored in Political Science and Human Geography. She currently works as a research assistant at Humber College.


Mirae Lee
Mirae is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Sociocultural Anthropology and Art History. She participated in a ten-day participant observation and service learning at Oa’hu, Hawai’i with the focus on topics of “diversity,” Indigeneity, and environmental sustainability as part of an initiative at the Anthropology department. Her research interests include Asian settler colonialism, Korean diaspora, and intersection between art, social justice and digital media.


Madi Laurin
Madi is a fourth year undergraduate student specializing in sociocultural anthropology. She pursued this ethnographic practicum course on work at the university in order to gain experience pursuing ethnographic research with the help and guidance of colleagues with the same goal.


Lama El-Hanan
Lama El-Hanan is in her fourth year of undergraduate study, and is majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology and Near and Middle Eastern Studies. She is in the process of completing an independent research project through the Ethnography Lab which explores caste-based oppression as it applies to Dalit and Adivasi caste groups in Kerala, India.


Mehran Shamit
Mehran is a third year undergraduate student doing a double major in Social Cultural Anthropology and Sociology. She has been involved with various student groups on campus as well as social justice organizations. She is currently the Anthropology Peer Counsellor at Trinity College in the University of Toronto.


Joanna Abdulhamid
Joanna is in her last year of her undergraduate degree studying Sociocultural Anthropology and Ethics, Society, and Law. Her research interests include neoliberalism, citizenship, and international conflicts. She has been active in various community initiatives and social justice organizations in Scarborough and on campus.


Leyla Safta-Zecheria
Leyla is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Central European University Budapest and was a visiting graduate student at the Anthropology department at the University of Toronto. She holds a Master of Arts in European Ethnology from Humboldt University Berlin and is currently writing up her PhD thesis on biopolitics, social abandonment and psychiatric reform in Romania.

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