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Video: Ethnography Lab Summer High School Program 2016

This video introduces the 2016 Ethnography Lab Summer High School Program. The founder and director of the program, Prof. Joshua Barker from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto, is featured welcoming 13 high school students from the GTA to the program. The ELSHSP, which aims to introduce high school students from grades 10-12 to the practice of ethnography, kicked off on Monday, July 4th and ran until Friday July 8th 2016. During the course of the program, the students were exposed to lectures, workshops, and activities that explored how anthropologists and other researchers apply a holistic approach to creating an in-depth understanding of complex social and cultural issues in a modern, urban context.

The program was organized by the Ethnography Lab Coordinator, Jessika Tremblay, and PhD Candidate Emily Hertzman, and taught by undergraduate students Sydney Lang and Henry Lee Heinonen (and MA student Matthew Medeiros, who led the tour of the market).

Watch the video to learn more!

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