CREST Voices / Kerala 2015

Gaining Confidence through CREST


By Arathi A.

After completing my MSc at Central University of Pondicherry, I came back to my home in Calicut. I applied for many jobs and began attending interviews but I was unable to move forward. Fed up with being rejected from all of my interviews, I decided to join CREST. Before joining, I thought my studies in Pondicherry would be the most colourful time in my life. But things at CREST were so different. I easily mingled with students and immediately I had 40 new friends. CREST’s teachers are smart and cool people; all of them are experts in their fields. We had wonderful classes that were extremely different from college and also we benefitted from valuable interaction sessions with famous and notable people.

CREST’s syllabus was very different from any other institution. The first thing they taught us was “make mistakes and learn from them.” We followed that advice and we got something more than we expected. Last but not least, we got a golden opportunity to interact with foreign people. They were very helpful for us and we had great time with our interns who came from all over the world: Melissa (Argentina), Zuska (Czech Republic), Samantha (Sweden), Sam, Shannon, Sara and Sydney (Canada). The PGCCPD course only lasted 6 months but it felt like 6 years.

After CREST, I was invited for an interview. I got the job but I rejected it because it only offered a medium salary. After CREST, I am expecting a job with a high salary and I’m sure I will get it. I am so optimistic now, CREST made me like this. Yes, I’m a CRESTIAN!

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