Kensington Market / Updates

Munk One Students Partner with the Ethnography Lab


Students from the University of Toronto’s Munk One program have recently completed a partnership with the Ethnography Lab to conduct mini ethnography projects. Each of the 29 students spent time in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighbourhood making observations, conducting informal interviews and writing ethnographic fieldnotes addressing an individual research theme. Each thematic project was also clustered within the specific research labs of the Munk One program: Environmental Governance Lab; Digital Governance Lab; International Political Economy Lab; Global Health Lab; and Security Lab. Students developed an inspiringly diverse array of projects ranging from composting practices, health food store culture, alternative forms of transportation, electrical wiring, to gentrification, the second-hand clothing trade, graffiti, and mobile communication. Group presentations led to interesting discussions about the uniqueness of this neighbourhood and the values of using ethnographic research methods for the study of urban issues. The Ethnography Lab looks forward to continuing to work with students from the Munk One program in years to come.

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