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When Lucky Strike Meets Levi-Strauss: Anthropology & Marketing

12034275_10153287485754053_5486891189233303897_oEver wonder what it’s like for an anthropologist outside the ivory tower?

A follow-up to the Ethnography Lab’s “Ethnography in the Private Sector” talk by Graham Candy, anthropology students who interned at Diamond Integrated Marketing this past summer will be talking about what it’s like translating theory learned in the classroom to strategy presented in the boardroom.

The talk will be followed by a discussion on industry trends, ethical implications, and career development outside of academia, so bring us your questions!


We are the official Ethnography Lab undergraduate group at the University of Toronto St. George Campus. Everyone is welcome to join us for discussion of ethnographic methods and practice, ethnography in the news, visual ethnography and all things relevant.

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