Ethnography of the University / Ethnography of the University: Focus on Power 2015 / Undergraduate Ethnography

History of the Ethnography of the University project

Sidney Smith Hall at U of T courtesy of City of Toronto Flickr account via Creative Commons

The Ethnography of the University project was founded at the University of Illinois by Professor Nancy Abelmann. See the website for a rich archive of past student projects. For readings and methods follow this link. EUI researchers in anthropology and other disciplines have pursued hundreds of research projects over the years.

On a visit to Toronto in 2010, Professor Nancy Abelmann encouraged me to start a parallel project, and produce ethnographies of the University of Toronto. Work produced by U of T students in 2011 and 2013 can be found here. Sadly, Prof Abelmann died in 2016. I knew her only briefly, but loved her enthusiasm for teaching and research, and her generous collegiality. Her legacy continues to inspire our explorations of the university as a rich field for ethnographic inquiry.

For a PDF of my course syllabus from 2015, focusing on power, click here: ANT 473 Ethnographic Practicum The University2015

For PDF of my course syllabus for 2016, focusing on work, click here: ant-473-ethnographic-practicum-the-university2016

Dr. Tania Li

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