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Ethnography Lab Speaker Series 2015-2016 Call for Abstracts

UntitledThe Ethnography Lab is excited to invite talented speakers to share their insights and experience about ethnography in our 2015-2016 speaker series! Housed in the University of Toronto Department of Anthropology, the Ethnography Lab strives to encourage dynamic discussion and experimentation with the various ways in which ethnography is practiced and imagined. This year we hope to invite speakers from a variety of different backgrounds to inspire the most interesting conversations about the dynamic research and writing method that is ethnography.

We encourage the participation of a range of speakers from students and faculty in anthropology and other disciplines, to business practitioners or private sector employees, to government or non-profit members, and others who wish to share their thoughts about or experiences with ethnography in their various fields. Talks are usually limited to 20 minutes, with 40 minutes left open for questions and discussions. The series is free and open to the public.

The speaker series takes place approximately once a month from September to April, usually on a Friday between 5-6 pm. They are typically scheduled in the Ethnography Lab Seminar Room (AP332) in the University of Toronto Department of Anthropology, 19 Russell Street, Toronto, M5S 2S2. Free light snacks and beverages are offered to all attendees.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract to give a talk, please submit your maximum 250 word abstract to the Ethnography Lab Coordinator, Jessika Tremblay, at no later than Monday, August 31st, 2015. Dates will be allotted according to preference and availability.

Anyone submitting an abstract should address at least one of the following themes and questions in their application:

  1. First hand experience with the obstacles and challenges of conducting Ethnography.

  2. How ethnography is practiced in non-academic fields.

  3. Non-traditional ethnography (e.g. online ethnography, multi-sited ethnography, auto-ethnography).

  4. A related topic determined in conjunction with the Ethnography Lab coordinator.

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