Ethnography in Canada

Ethnography in Canada Hub

Train passing through the Rockies (Celeste Pang)

Train passing through the Rockies (Celeste Pang)

The Ethnography in Canada hub is envisaged as a forum to bring together university and community-based researchers conducting ethnographic research in Canada. Our aims are three-fold. First, we aim to create a peer-support environment and network. This includes a space to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and questions that arise as we navigate our work as ethnographers in communities where we may have other roles, political commitments, or consider ourselves to inhabit as “home”. Second, we aim to open a space for dialogue between academic and community-based researchers and to explore possibilities to become engaged with community initiatives and research needs. Third, we aim to support ethnographers whose work is in studying Canadian-based entities such as businesses, government, and not-for-profit organizations. This includes fostering productive discussion and support in situations where ethnographers are “studying up”.

These aims will be met through the organization of a regular discussion group, a speaker series, and active outreach to community and university-based researchers at institutions throughout the country.

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