Ethnography Lab

Welcome to the Ethnography Lab

Joshua photo1I’m excited to announce the launch of the Ethnography Lab at the University of Toronto. The Ethnography Lab is a meeting place for ethnographers within and beyond the university who wish to reflect upon, develop, and refine their craft.

The craft of ethnography has two poles. On the one hand, there is the research itself, which includes methods such as participant observation, interviewing, and writing field notes. On the other hand, there is the communication of research to various publics, through writing, filmmaking, storytelling, and the like. The Ethnography Lab provides a home for experimentation, learning, research and inquiry focusing on either or both of these poles.

We’re only just getting started with this initiative and we encourage students, faculty, and other practitioners to get involved. The Department of Anthropology has generously contributed some space for our activities and a number of interest groups, or clusters, have already taken shape. Sign up for our newsletter through the form on our website, come out to our events, or work with others to establish a new cluster. We have lots of plans in the works that we will be sharing over the next weeks and months. Stay tuned.

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