Student Bios


Shannon McKechnie
Shannon is a fifth-year undergraduate student completing a specialist in Socio-cultural Anthropology. She is currently a Residence Don and Leadership Programs Assistant at the University of Toronto and is interested in all things to do with the student experience at University. Shannon has previously done research in Kerala, India with post-secondary students, exploring social exclusion in higher education.


Anna Shortly
Anna is a fourth year undergraduate double majoring in Cultural Anthropology and English.


Laura Beach
Laura is a PhD student in socio-cultural anthropology at the University of Toronto. Laura’s doctoral research seeks to address escalating rates of self-harm among Indigenous women who are severely over-represented in federal and provincial prisons in Western Canada.


Saania Punja
Saania is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Sociocultural Anthropology and Environmental Geography. She is currently a peer mentor for the ‘First in the Family’ program and is interested in student lives and identities at UofT.


Alexandre Darveau-Morin
Alexandre is a specialist in sociocultural anthropology. He also holds a college diploma in modern language where he has studied Spanish, Italian and some Mandarin. That is where he first discovered his interest in anthropology while taking a social science class as a prerequisite for graduation.


Jessica Broe-Vayda
Jessica is a PhD student studying medical anthropology at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research focuses on the politics of evidence production, multi-stakeholder partnerships and networks of professional practice in international development.


Henry Lee Heinonen
Henry is an undergraduate specialist in social anthropology at the University of Toronto. He has done research in Hong Kong with Indonesian migrant domestic workers and their grassroots activist organizations, and has contributed to the Ethnography Lab’s Kensington Market Research Project.