Maya El Helou (Co-convener)
Maya is the winter 2019 convener of the visual ethnography subgroup with the theme “Putting the Graphic in the Ethnographic.” Maya is currently a first-year PhD student in socio-cultural anthropology and the collaborative program in Gender and Women Studies. Her main academic interest is social movements. Maya is also an illustrator and comic artist. She is very interested in creative mediums that facilitate the process of writing and knowledge production.

Maisha Mustanzir (Co-convener)
Maisha Mustanzir is the winter 2019 convener of the visual ethnography subgroup with the theme “The Commercialized Contemporary Public Art Scene in Toronto.” She is a current undergraduate student at the University of Toronto majoring in English, socio-cultural anthropology and minoring in art history. She holds a strong interest in ethnography as a literary genre and a research perspective. She has successfully conducted two small scaled ethnographies for her programs, where she combined her interests in art history and anthropology. She currently manages her own website where she runs her blog, art store and poetry gallery, all containing her original work. She is the current Director of Internal Speaker Relations at TEDxUTSC where she accomplished the goal of providing a platform where new ideas could be shared. She hopes to continue to provide such platforms where people’s voices can be heard. Her goal within the ethnography lab is to encourage ethnography as a research method and to inspire critical thinking of visual and spatial public art in metropolitan Toronto.