Ethnography in Canada Team

Celeste Pang, Coordinator
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto. Celeste’s research focuses on the formal and informal economies surrounding later and end-of-life care for older queer persons in Canada. She is interested in how ethnographic research and writing can effectively draw from and helpfully inform broader public discussion and engagement. She very much looks forward to helping to create a space where those doing ethnographic research in Canada can come together.
Erika Finestone, Member
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto. Erika’s research interests center on Indigenous peoples’ childcare strategies in Canada, in both urban and reserve environments. She is committed to the growth of socially responsible and politically engaged anthropology with Indigenous peoples in Canada. She seeks to take part in the building of partnerships and re-building of relationships in a good way between researchers and Indigenous communities. More broadly, Erika wants to contribute to the growth of support and sharing networks for those committed to doing ethnographic research in Canada. She sees the “Ethnography in Canada” group as being a first step towards meeting this goal with likeminded scholars, activists, and generally interested partners.
Sophia Jaworski, Member
Anthropology PhD Student, University of Toronto. Sophiaʼs M.A. and PhD work focuses on problematizing the medical criteria of ʻmedically unexplained physical symptomsʼ as a ground of gendered ontology and epistemology. She is interested in collaborating and forming community connections in order to enrich an understanding of ethnographic research in a Canadian urban context.
Walter Callaghan, Member
PhD Student, Medical Anthropology, University of Toronto. Walter’s research is focused on the subjective experience of psychological distress, particularly how Canadian soldiers and veterans experience and understand post-traumatic stress disorder. In his co-related role as an activist and advocate, he has repeatedly challenged the federal government of Canada, and hopes to share his insight into the manner in which the government acts to suppress research or knowledge that counters their official rhetoric, including positioning themselves as gate-keepers in an effort to control knowledge production and dissemination.
Carsten Knoch, Member
MA candidate in social-cultural anthropology at University of Toronto and freelance management consultant at Carsten Knoch Consulting. Interested in applying ethnography in non-academic contexts and building relationships with the private sector. Research interests include the ethics of applying anthropological methods in non-academic environments, the role of the consultant, etc.
Peter Soles Muirhead, Member
MSc Candidate (2016) & PhD Student (2016-on), Medical & Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Toronto. Broadly, Peter’s work concerns mental health, emotion/affect, inequality, the history of psychiatry, ethics, and the intimate politics of subjective transitions. He conducts fieldwork in Canada and Turkey (including occasional consulting anthropology in Canada), and brings to this group an interest in the ethics of multi-sited research and comparative research ethics frameworks.

If you would like to join our team, please get in touch and we’ll add you to the list!

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